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Hampstead school of art 
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This course at Hampstead School of Art is suitable for students of all levels, from beginners to advanced learners. Led by Gianlucca Rotelli, the course utilizes Charles Bargue's Drawing Course and Gottfried Bammes' Die Gestalt Des Menschen as reference materials.Students will be instructed in the method of comparing proportions and will focus on anatomical drawing, particularly human physiognomy. This includes a detailed study of the human skull, eyes, nose, mouth, and ears, with a closer look at Gottfried Bammes' drawings. The course emphasizes the use of the plumb-line to accurately judge measurements, covering heights, widths, negative spaces, and halftones.Anatomy is crucial for drawing, enabling artists to observe the exterior while understanding the anatomical realities beneath. Students will learn to visualize muscles beneath the skin and the skeleton below the muscles, simplifying life-drawing planes and visually constructing the human body using anatomical knowledge. The course delves into muscles in connection with the skeleton, with a specific focus on the skull.Drawing is the fundamental skill for artists, serving as a prerequisite for oil painting. By the course's conclusion, students will gain the ability to draw portraits confidently and accurately.

Techniques in Portraiture

We will delve into the captivating and unique challenge of portraiture, encompassing both drawing and oil painting from a live model. The emphasis will be on techniques, ranging from initial drawing stages to capturing tone and color, with a comprehensive exploration of paint handling and application. Anatomical drawing will be a focal point, involving an in-depth examination of the human skull, the intricacies of the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears. The poses will extend over multiple weeks, allowing for the discovery and encouragement of individual approaches.

Time: Tue 10:00am - 1:00pm

Tutor: Gianluca Rotelli

Duration: 12 Weeks

Techniques in Portraiture 

Explore the traditional techniques of portraiture and unlock the secrets employed by master artists in the use of glazes and effects. This course encompasses a comprehensive study of oil colors, tones, shadows, shapes, light, drawing, and proportions. Open to participants of all skill levels, it provides a versatile learning experience for anyone interested in refining their understanding and application of these artistic elements.

Tuesday 2:00pm – 5:00 pm

Duration: 12 Weeks

Techniques in Portraiture

This course centers on three fundamental aspects: drawing, proportions, and oil techniques. Additionally, students will delve into the intricacies of colors, tones, shadows, and the interplay of light and shapes. The program is welcoming to participants of all skill levels. The only true prerequisite is to equip oneself with a generous amount of patience.


Duration: 12 Weeks

The Heatherley School of Fine Art, 75 Lots Road, Chelsea, London SW10 0RN
To book the courses call: 020 7351 4190

**NEW** How to Progress Further in Portraiture

Monday 6.30 pm -9.00 pm

Throughout the course, students will engage in two paintings featuring different models. These models will maintain the same pose for a six-week duration.

Throughout the study, students will confront key challenges in oil painting, including drawing, proportions, composition, colors, and halftones. Moreover, students will have the opportunity to create paintings inspired by renowned artists such as Rembrandt, Manet, and Sargent, using them as examples to develop their artistic style. Understanding the facial structure is crucial for comprehending masses, volumes, and the interplay of light and shadow.

The course will also provide guidance on drawing and painting anatomical aspects of the face, such as the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears

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Anatomy for Artists 

Tuesdays 6.30 pm 9.00


A course suitable for individuals of all drawing skill levels, designed to empower you with the ability to apply knowledge of human anatomy to represent the human figure. You will explore methods to comprehend and respond to anatomical information, interpreting the surface of the human form by understanding its planes. This course is particularly valuable for those aspiring to paint the human figure, allowing you to merge observational skills with essential anatomical knowledge.

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How to Paint a Portrait

Thursdays 6.30 pm-9.00 pm


The course comprises two extended projects. The initial project spans six weeks with a consistent model, followed by a second project of equal duration featuring a different model. Drawing, proportions, volumes, and the structure of the eyes, nose, mouth, and ears form the foundational aspects of this course.

Emphasizing the shape of shadows, the application technique of color patches, and the method of direct painting, particularly wet on wet, are the primary focuses. To grasp the distinction between tones and colors, students will initially paint the first project in monochrome and subsequently layer color on top.

The second project commences directly on canvas, starting with drawing using oil colors. Once the essential components of the drawing are in place, students will learn the art of color mixing to achieve the correct skin tone. The course also covers topics such as canvas, color mediums, and brushes.

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To book the courses call: 020 7351 4190
The Heatherley School of Fine Art, 75 Lots Road, Chelsea, London SW10 0RN




The Alchemy of Oil Painting

Friday 10am - 4pm


The course explores three fundamental facets of traditional painting: copying a classical subject from an old master's picture, painting still life, and conducting a four-week study from life with a posed model. It underscores structured painting techniques, incorporating the use of mediums, glazing, the distinctive qualities of oil colors, and the significance of proper canvas preparation.


I provide tailored consultations for portraits, where I address intricate issues related to portrait drawing and colour, often challenging to pinpoint. Online artistic consultations are priced at £100 per hour, while in-person sessions are available for £200. For in-person consultations, I'll visit your home to personally assess the painting and correct any proportion errors. It's important to clarify that the consultation is strictly verbal.

Contact me by email :

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