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This print describes the inner world that emerged in the lockdown that many people had ignored existed. Life can no longer be lived as it was before. And also, artificial intelligence and the metaverse are changing our idea of relating to each other, so will we be able to manage these new ways of living? Will not the metaverse be just another world where we will have the illusion of having many friends while, instead, it will be the realm of extreme solitude? This collection has no final solutions but suggests answers that everybody finds within himself.
This print comes with its accompanying NFT and is not a limited edition. If you have a digital wallet, the NFT will be sent directly to it without extra cost. If not, once the print is received, I will send you the NFT in the form of a QR code. Please reach out to me via email for further details.
There is an additional payment of 40 pounds for shipping outside of the UK.
Shipping time can vary from 10 to 15 days
it depending on the country

Width 45 cm
Height 60 cm

Print :The timelessness of lockdown#5

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